Welcome to my page. To celebrate the joyous occasion of the approaching thousandth (1000th) hit I have altered the layout and navigation quite drastically. Let me know how you like this. Or how you don't like it. Also let me know if you find any broken links.
The mind boggling thing is that ever since I opened an account at Storm-Artists (also see the photography page) I didn't do any updates on this website anymore and I sincerely apoplogize for that.
It is important to understand that humor plays a big role here. It is not the intention that you take everything that I have smacked onto these pages seriously. But then again, maybe you do have to take it serious ...

If you have been here before, and I'd like to believe you have, many times, you know that previously I may have mentioned the Holy Trinity of items. Since I now have opened more than three subject pages the threesome can go to internet hell for all I care. The following topics have my personal attention, in no particular order:

However, only the literature, music and opinion pages will be refreshed on a regular basis. The other pages are merely there because I want to share my splurges with the public. And why is this, you ask? Simple: because I want it that way! It's a just matter of keeping as much people as possible pleased - or to possibly piss off a couple ;-)

The link to the special pages dedicated to the diamond anniversary of my grandparents has been removed to make way for photos in the music section. Of course I have saved this part of the website, so if you want a copy you can let me know and I will burn it onto a CD-ROM for you.
I have moved the pretty picture of the Erasmus Bridge to the photography page, in case you might wonder where it disappeared to.

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