Since I am also reasonably interested in photography I have decided to dedicate a page to this as well. The server space I have with my ISP XS4ALL is not large enough to adequately display photos, that's why I have become a member of the internet art community Storm-Artists.
If you click on the photo beneath you will be transported by the magic that is internet to my personal page at Storm-Artists.

You only see the 6 most recent photos/contributions, so be sure to press Gallery to see all of them.
On a regular basis I will submit photos and sometimes even poetry. You can read the comments others leave on those submissions. Via those comments you can surf to those people's accounts and before you know it you apply for you're own (free or subscription) account. If you do so you can leave comments yourself. I must admit that, apart from the server issues that have been occuring a little too much lately, I enjoy the time spent on Storm; I even think that I have built a couple of friendships with likeminded deviants.
It almost goes without saying that there will be a lot of pictures of Rotterdam, because it happens to be the most photogenic city of all of Holland.

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