Between hope and fear

New York City's Twin Towers:
more than just symbols of freedom,
endless possibilities; they were
the Top of the World.
On Tragic Tuesday they became
brothers in arms against unknown,
nameless, merciless enemies.
United they stood, but divided they fell
and now their invisible shadow
casts forward a grim look into the future
as well as a perspective on the past.
Like a clock frozen in time.
Maybe by carefully rewinding it
we can rebuild our future
and reunite brothers and sisters
around the world: peace.

Of course I hold strong views of the terrible events that happened in New York City, Washington DC and Pennsylvania on Tuesday September 11, 2001.
However, my views have absolutely no (added) value.
My thoughts are with everyone who lost their lives because of this heinous acts of terror and to everyone who lost someone due to these attacks.

Recently I bought two photobooks in which there is photographic commentary of the consequences of the attacks on the Twin Towers. The books, New York September 11 by Magnum photographers and September 11 A Testimony by Reuters photographers, portray a tragically beautiful and simultaneously fantastically horrible image of the terrible events that took place that day.
If you have to buy a coffee table book anyway, buy these, because the sales proceeds will go to those cause that were instated for supporting those affected by the attacks.

Enter the promised land here.

© René Wirtz 2001, 2002, 2003