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blog/website update, again
so yeah, the social media plugins are not happening. i do not see a need for them and the implementation is just a little bit too much for my limited programming skills.
but fear not, i will keep adding photos to the portfolio and i will keep updating my travel schedule blog throughout the year.
and, just because it has been almost 2 years since i have shown you an updated playlist, click here to see my most recent winamp/onedrive/USB playlist. (yes, i do have 331 incognito songs, why do you ask?)

monday october 1, 2018

blog/website update
you are still waiting for the blog redesign, including social media, as well as another invisible update to the entire website (thanks to the microsoft edge page analyzer extension), but in the meantime you can see the most awesomest recent weirdzune playlist here.

monday october 17, 2016

the emperor can haz new clothes?
at this point i am seriously wondering if i will get a social media plugin on my website and the main reason is that there simply is not much to comment on. the blog would be the only place where visitors could leave comments, but i may as well just post a link to the blog on facebook if i want to elicit comments. right?
over the past few weeks i did make some under the hood updates to the website, though, most noticeably the orange background color. on some pages it fades from white to orange in left to right direction, on other pages it radially fades from white to orange from top left to bottom right.
other enhancements i made are updating most html tags to be html5 compliant. i used the following online tool to check the code on each page: markup validation service by the body that governs the world wide web.
there are a couple of things left i still need to do, which is to clean up image hyperlinks to not have spaces in the filename and a HTML5 compliant lightbox or gallery functionality. i will get to this in due time.
for now, keep enjoying my virtual home on the range.

sunday march 22, 2015

blog - updated
while waiting for the blog redesign including social media, why don't you click here to see a fairly recent zune playlist update.
update saturday january 26, 2014:
upon cursory research it is not easy to have more than 1 facebook comment box on a single webpage. it is possible by adding "/#comments2", "/#comments3" to the url section of the facebook developer page, but i was thinking of an unlimited number of posts. this would make maintaining the number of comment boxes and urls difficult. it would become even more difficult if i would want to archive one, or more, blog posts. sadly, this means i need to take some more time to architecture the blog layout as well as finding out how i can transfer commented posts. grrrr, i've got to remind myself: tech is fun, tech is fun, tech is fun ...

since my previous entry (now in random archive) i have been working on getting the 4 blog archives, linked in the top bar, up and running. all photos are now served from dreamhost's servers and all photos are visible through the activex-powered lightbox. there are still a few links to video files and one to an audio file that i need to work out a solution for, but that is the least of my concerns. first, now the blog is up, i want to add the facebook social plugin, so viewers will be able to comment on my blog entries. also, over time i will make sure to rectify any dead links in the archives, but at least all links open in a new tab, so you can continue reading/viewing the blog archive and come back to the opened links later. anyway, i am glad i got this overhaul done, because that was a mountain of work i had been postponing since forever.

sunday january 19, 2014


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